In MyMode we wish to give you, our user, the maximum freedom to express yourself on our social meeting network while making sure you are in a safe and respectful environment.

This is why we created these MyMode user guidelines, and why we ask you, and every user who joins our community, to go over them and agree to behave accordingly.



We can sum it all up in 2 words; responsibility and respect.
As a MyMode user, you need to be aware of your actions, words and behavior in the MyMode social meeting network.
Keep in mind that at the other end of your interaction there is a person who deserves respect exactly as you do. So please be nice and respectful towards others.
Do not post, store or send content which might be harassing or threatening.
Any shaming, embarrassing, distressing, or vulgar behavior are unacceptable.
The MyMode social meeting network is for everyone so do not use any hate speech; personal, racial, ethnic, religious or otherwise.
Do not post, store or send any patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or any other proprietary or intellectual property rights.

To sum it up, any inappropriate content and or conduct is not allowed.


  • Please do not publish your phone number as part of your profile name. In fact, do not share any phone number or specific address on your profile page at all.
  • Please do not use any emoji or unknown letters/characters in your profile name. It will make it hard for other users to find and communicate with you.
  • Do not cause incitement. Any kind. No racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm. Please, keep it clean.
  • No advertising (services, goods, events, websites, apps, etc.). Not in your profile name or nickname, not in your texts or media and not by messaging other users.
  • A man who would like to contact a woman either by sending her a text message or a media file, will first need to ask her permission. If she refuses – respect that.


MyMode is an 18+ social meeting network. We can’t stop you from showing how amazing you look. This is why we created an advanced media screening process that goes over each media file you upload to MyMode . This process will determine if you can share your media publicly, privately or not at all.

(TIP: The media screening process takes time, but while you wait for your media to be approved, you can send it as a private message).


MyMode media screening process

The MyMode screening system will classify each media file as one of three categories:

Publicly approved – The media does not contain any sexual or prohibit content, therefore it can be shared with all users.
Privately approved – The media contain sexual or prohibit content, therefore cannot be displayed publicly to all user, but can be shared as private media.
Not approved – The media contain illegal or inappropriate content. This type of content is unacceptable in MyMode. If needed, this content and user information will be forwarded to the proper authorities for further investigation and the user will be banned from MyMode social meeting network.

Media that will not be approved for public publishing on MyMode:

  • Naked photos and videos. Not even tips, cracks, traces or see-through. And no thongs or jockstraps either.
  • Files showing you in your underwear, but hiding your face.
  • Sex toys; real, illustrated, simulated or partially obscured.
  • Files of sexual acts; real, illustrated, simulated, or partially obscured.
  • Advertising; no services, goods, events, apps or websites, etc. If you have something to advertise, please login as an advertiser.
  • Racist files, bigoted, or anything else that might offend any community or person.
  • Media of firearms, weapons or drugs.
  • Media containing acts of violence or blood, of any kind.
  • Copyrighted media (photos, video, pictures or illustrations)
  • Photos of underaged persons. Including yourself.
  • Files of celebrities – real or not, unless you are that celebrity.
  • Do not fake or Photoshop yourself. We want you to be you.

Any abusing of the MyMode guidelines or any violation of the above guidelines could result in a permanent ban from MyMode.

MyMode reserves the right to remove/crop any media we perceive to be outside of these guidelines.


MyMode administrators will keep to themselves the right to take action against any user that does not keep with the MyMode terms of service as well as with MyMode guidelines. MyMode can take down user profile without any explanation.

  • MyMode can shut down user profiles without any explanation.
  • MyMode can ban or lock out any user without any explanation.
  • Each user behavior report will be investigated and warnings will be sent.
  • After 3 sent warnings regarding user behavior, that user will be banned from using the MyMode application.
  • MyMode will alert the proper authorities in case of any law violation.
  • MyMode will not become a mediator or negotiator of any kind between users.
  • MyMode will not become a mediator or negotiator of any kind between user and advertiser.
  • MyMode holds no responsibility what so ever for content published on user profiles
  • MyMode holds no responsibility what so ever for the content and/or the products, services, goods, etc, that are advertised on the MyMode application.
  • MyMode keeps the right to sue any user in case of first or third party damages that might happen directly or indirectly to the MyMode application or the owners’ BAD BOYS by ronio sl.