we are the BAD BOYS


Can you define your baby?
Probably not. There aren’t enough words in the world that could describe how special and unique your baby is.
This is how we feel about our company BAD BOYS by ronio.

We started as a small advertising agency but very quickly, we found out that our vision goes way beyond the limits of an advertisement, and that we could not contain our creativity to a screen or magazine page.
So we spread our wings and set ourselves free.

To do what, you ask?
Basically, to do whatever we want! There are no limits and nothing to stop us.

Our vision of how to look at things spread from Media (TV, Movies, Radio and Music etc’) and communication (mobile and web application) to advertising (concept, campaign, online, offline, BTL, etc’) and everything in between.
Hey, we might even do more in the future. After all, we are very curious.

While we don’t have any limits, we do have some ground rules:

  • Be creative – never settle for the conventional. Always flip it upside down, left to right and inside out, until you see the full spectrum of the idea.
  • Don’t take the easy way, it’s never that easy – we believe in hard work, only a vision that is born deep within your soul, has the spark to make it great.
  • Think in ∞D– it’s not only you, him/her and it. There are so much more dimensions in each project, and it’s our job and passion to explore them all.
  • Joy, Love & Faith – In our mind these three simple words are the essence of everything. Any project we create and work on is infused with them.
  • Together is best – Only by combining our individual unique strengths can we create together a better life for all, and for that, we need to be communicative, honest, and generous.

We call our company BAD BOYS as a reminder to just how crazy and wild creativity can be. It’s so unexpected and over the top, while some might think it’s strange or “BAD”… We think it’s amazing!


Come and join the BAD BOYS